Visual artist Martti Matilainen is considered by many art training in addition also studied at the Art Academy of Visual Arts of the University 1969-73. He uses his extensive education, and especially his versatile and colorful life experience in dreamy works, which often focus on people. Matilainen's photographs are versatile in their subjects and describe life in general, in the city, in the countryside or anywhere. He has had several solo exhibitions in different parts of Finnish and participated in numerous collective exhibitions at home and abroad. Matilainen's photographs have been awarded at several photo exhibitions and competitions. His Helsinki series “Mun Stadi” was the finalist of Fotofinlandia 2016.
Art Studies:
Art University Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
Espoo Art School
Free Art School, Helsinki
University of Helsinki drawing room
Other Art Studies:
University of Jyväskylä 1984 - 88, University of Helsinki 1988 - 90
Ancient art, literature and cultural history. General art history.
Solo Exhibitions:
2018-19 VB Photo Center, Kuopio
2018 Gallery Papu, Helsinki
2017 Gallery G12, Helsinki
2017 Ostrobothnia Photo Center, Lapua
2017 Mikkeli Photo Center
2017 Photography Center Today, Tampere
2016 Ratamo Library Gallery, Jyväskylä.
2016 Laterna magica, Helsinki.
2016 Kotka Photo Center.
2016 Raasepori Photo Center Galleria Zebra, Karjaa.
2016 Cultural Center Poleen, Pieksämäki. Photographs, sculptures
2015 Gallery of the Kouvola Art Museum Poikilo. Photographs, sculptures
2015 Gallery Luova, Helsinki.
2015 Gallery New Kipinä, Lahti.
2015 Laterna Magica, Helsinki. Photographs, sculptures
2015 Southeast Finland Photographic Center Galleria Pihatto, Lappeenranta.
2014 Studio Sariikka, Pieksämäki. Photographs, sculptures
2014 Gallery Kuninkaankartano, Juva. Photographs, sculptures
2014 Mikkeli Photo Center.
1984 Gallery Putka, Savonlinna
Collective exhibitions and competitions:
2018 Carpe Diem Exhibition, Ava Gallleria, Helsinki
2018 13th Regional Exhibition of Photography in Central Finland, jury Asko Mäkelä
2017 Viti exhibition, gallery Papu, Helsinki
2017 Art Fair, Cable Factory, Helsinki 2016 Bright Galleries, Mikkeli Photo Center
2016 Gallery Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Sipoo
2016 Artists' Association Ars Nova's annual exhibition, Savonlinna, jury Riitta Moisander
2016 12th Regional Exhibition of Photography in Central Finland
2016 Gallery Zebra Summer Exhibition, Kiskon's Stone Trail. Sliver
2016 Fotofinlandia Finalist, Fair Center, Helsinki
2016 South-Savo Regional Art Exhibition, Mikkeli
2016 SKsL Annual Exhibition, Lappeenranta
2016 Järvisuomen's photo competition, Savonlinna, two awards
2015 Art Fair Cable Factory, Helsinki
2015 Artist Association Ars Nova Annual Exhibition, Savonlinna
2015 SKJL's Landscape themed exhibition, Poleen, Pieksämäki, jury Kirsimaria Törönen-Ripatti
2015 SKsL Annual Exhibition, Vihti
2015 Järvisuomen's photo competition, Varkaus
2014 Pieksämäki Art Society's annual exhibition, jury Tuomas Hallivuo
2014 Artist Association Ars Nova's annual exhibition, Savonlinna, jury Minna Kangasmaa
2014 Kuusamo Nature Photo competition (creative series), two awards
2014 SKsL Annual Exhibition, VB Gallery, Kuopio, Honorary Certificate
2014 Järvisuomen's photo competition, Pieksämäki, two awards
2013 South-Savo Regional Art Exhibition, Mikkeli
2018 Called the Arts Promotion Center Finland by “Milleja for Art” project
International Photo Exhibitions:
V. 2013-2016 Legal photography exhibitions in North and South America, Australia, several Asian countries,
 North Africa and European countries There are about 70 in Finland.
Exhibitions 20 awards including 4 gold medals (Finland, Sweden, Serbia, Montenegro)
V.1983-84 International Photo Exhibitions 20pcs. and 6 awards
Selected International:
2016 5th Obsession Of Light, Finland. Citation
2016 2nd int. Salon of print and digital Art Varna, Bulgaria. Silver medal
2016 Great British small print circuit, English. Special award
2015 15th Malmö int. exhibition of photographic Art, Sweden. Gold Medal
2015 7th Finland international digital circuit, Finland. Gold Medal
2014 3e Salon int. Photographique Le Catalan, France. Diplome
2014 Sydney Harbor international, Australia. Silver medal
2014 1st DPW Grand exhibition, Serbia. Gold Medal
2014 1st int. Salon of photographic Podgorica, Montenegro. Gold Medal
2013 7th int. Salon of MFD, Turkey. Special award
AFIAP (Artist Federation de l'Art Internationale Photographique), 2015
EFIAP (Excellence Federation de l'Art Internationale Photographique) honorary title 2016
The title of the SKsLM Camera Association Master Photographer in 2016
1969 and 70's youth exhibitions at Helsinki Art Hall and Helsinki Regional Exhibition
1980s-90s as a freelancer at the University of Helsinki, with Finnish literature
and several newspaper and magazines in the metropolitan area
2015 Art Promotion Center, South Savo Fund, 6 months to work. Photo Art.
2016 Cultural Foundation, South Savo Fund, 4 months to work. Fine Art Photography
2017 Finnfoto 1000 €, target grant
State Art Museum
City of Pieksämäki
Several private
Union of Photographic Artists
Artist Association Ars Nova
Mikkeli Photographic Art Association
Creative Photography Center, Jyväskylä
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